Are local authorities making the most of digital? [infographic]

Topic: Local Government

It is estimated that by 2020 local authorities could be facing a funding gap of up to £9.5 billion, how can digital technologies be used to reduce pressure on both finances and resource?

It is estimated that by 2020 local authorities could be facing a funding gap of up to £9.5 billion (LGA). That’s a pretty hefty chunk of money to find with less than 3 years to go. Unfortunately reduced government funding and the rising pressure on social care services means that public sector bodies are under increasing pressure to find innovative, low-cost methods of maintaining the services that they provide, without compromise.
As digital technology has evolved, the range of methods local authorities can use to support the delivery of services is too, and digital innovation has a key role to play in this…
48% of people state that they would like to use the internet, mobile or social media for essentials like paying for council tax or getting information on local services, however only 7% have used such tech to communicate with their local authority. (o2) Why? Is it available to them?
With smartphone penetration set to reach 90% this year, it’s no wonder that citizens expect smooth and connected services.(o2)
75% of local government leaders think that they’re making the most of digital, however only 29% of the public agree (PWC) meaning that the gap between council confidence and public expectations still has some way to go in embracing digital technology in order to enhance the relationship between citizen and service.
Our infographic shows how Leeds City Council have leveraged Esendex’s innovation solutions by using a combination of broadcast and two-way SMS.
How Leeds City Council are using two-way and broadcast SMS to communicate
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