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What SMS programmes do we offer?

Whether you want to use our API or our user interface (UI), we can help you provide messaging capabilities to your customers. We can tailor our programmes to your individual business needs, but here are a few examples of what we can offer.

Affiliate Partner – API

Offer business messaging by API. We will help you manage all your customer facing and back office functions, and you can:

  • Enjoy a share of the revenue or forgo the commission and pass the benefit onto your customers.
  • Rely on us to manage your customer relationships, from billing to account management.
  • Allow your customers to buy message credits from Esendex upfront or be invoiced monthly.
  • Lean on our support team and their expertise.
Affiliate Partner – UI

Give your members messaging capabilities via our UI. We will help you manage all your customer facing and back office functions, while you can:

  • Enjoy a share of the revenue or forgo the commission and pass the benefit onto your customers.
  • Rely on us to manage your customer relationship, from credit purchases and billing support to account management.
  • Allow your members to buy message credits from Esendex upfront.
  • Lean on our support team and their expertise.

Offer business messaging by API, and maintain total control over the customer relationship, pricing and billing responsibilities.

  • Set your own prices and remain in control of the profit you make.
  • Using a system of sub-accounts, you will be in total control of monitoring your customers’ message send volumes, message credit allocation and billing.
  • Buy message credits upfront to allocate to your customers’ accounts or be invoiced monthly.
  • Rely on our support team – if you ever need it.


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Why work with us

By offering business messaging capabilities, you can add value to and differentiate your product, grow customer lifetime value, create new revenue streams and more. Whatever your goals, here’s why you should work with Esendex.

Trusted by the software sector

We have 20+ years of experience working with businesses in the software industry across the globe so we’re a partner you can trust. We strive to get to know your business and its unique requirements, tailoring a solution that’s best for you.

Quick & easy to integrate

Integrate our API into your software and be ready to activate message sending capabilities within minutes. Use our swagger formatted developers’ documentation to guide you through a seamless API integration.

Global presence, local support

We’re a global provider who can provide expert local support. Benefit from the ability to speak to someone based in the UK 24/7, plus we’ll ensure there’s no disruption to the service you offer to your customers and the revenue which flows from it.

Global, scalable messaging

Use the Esendex platform to unlock your potential and offer business messaging to customers with an international footprint. And as your messaging volume grows, our platform will grow with you.

Multichannel API

Be equipped to offer SMS, WhatsApp or RCS messages to your customers with just one API. Maximise your potential to satisfy multiple use cases and grow your customer base. Find out more about our API here.

A new revenue stream

Add value to your product and open up a new revenue stream with business messaging. So whether you want to maximise your profit from messaging or enhance the services you offer to boost customer loyalty, it’s revenue you can rely on.

Thanks to the new branded online system built bespoke for the group by Esendex, Clanwilliam Group could automate the SMS top-up process, free up their telephone lines and more.

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Maximise your SMS experience

Explore our other SMS products and get even more out of the messaging capabilities you offer.

VMNs & shortcodes

For your customers to receive SMS and have two-way SMS Chat conversations, Esendex can provide either an 11 digit Virtual Mobile Number, or a more memorable 5 digit Short Code.

Mobile landing pages

 Accessed from a link in a SMS message, mobile landing pages are interactive, designed to match a brand’s identity and offer the same experience as a mobile app or web page.


Create and send personalised SMS Surveys from our API. Includes surveys where recipients receive different questions, depending on their previous response.

Mobile Journeys

Enable your customers to provide branded app like experiences, with no download required. Promote products, gather feedback, take payments and more, all via mobile.

Discover our expert insights


The buyer’s guide to messaging APIs

Looking for an SMS, RCS or WhatsApp API to supercharge your messaging strategy? Our guide to messaging APIs explains the key considerations and more.

Online resource

The text template library

Browse our template library to get inspiration for your SMS, WhatsApp and RCS messages. Your next brilliant message is just a copy and paste away.


How to keep your customer data clean

Discover how to effectively manage your customer data and leverage the advantages of utilising SMS for this purpose.

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