Mobile messaging for retailers

Improve engagement and drive action with the power of mobile messaging.

Quickly create and launch tailored mobile messaging solutions that improve engagement, boost sales and can be tailored to tackle your ecommerce challenges.

Trusted by leading retail brands to solve their mobile messaging challenges

With increasing acquisition costs and mounting competition, retaining customers and providing excellent service has never been more important. Esendex helps retailers create automated mobile messaging solutions that increase engagement, build trust, earn loyalty, and drive repeat business.

Promote personalised sales and offers

Grab attention and drive store revenue with targeted, personalised marketing messages.

Collect valuable customer reviews

Gain essential product feedback and grow social proof with automated review collection.

Offer seamless aftercare and returns

Reduce customer service friction and save time and money by empowering customers to self-solve their queries.

Create lasting brand engagement and increase revenue

With unrivalled open rates and immediate reach, mobile messaging is an essential channel for ecommerce events such as sales, new product previews and VIP programmes. Segment your mobile database to send targeted, automated messages to specific audiences.

Seamlessly integrate mobile messaging with your existing retail tech stack

Connect Esendex to your existing tech stack in just a few clicks without the need for costly IT support. Use your newly-connected data to inform business decisions, create personalised cross-channel campaigns, and offer support experiences tailored to each individual customer.

Launch SMS automations that save you time and improve customer experience

Provide your customers with a seamless brand experience and save time on customer support with powerful SMS automations. From feedback generation to order tracking and returns, Esendex helps retailers to reduce customer service friction and significantly reduce support ticket volumes.

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Connect with customers on their favourite channels

Give your customers the option to engage with your brand via their preferred channels Transition from broadcasting brand messaging to sparking valuable customer conversations that secure conversions, without having to channel-hop.

Continuously improve results with expert support and customisable journeys

Our team are experts in mobile messaging so you don’t have to be. We’re here to ensure you get the most out of our mobile messaging solution, with expert support and consulting included with all plans. Together, we can create mobile journeys that solve problems, strengthen customer relationships, and increase your return on investment.

Customer success stories

Launching a robust click-and-collect system, powered by SMS automations

Discover how Capgemini used Esendex to combine email and SMS into an easy-to-use, informative and time-saving click-and-collect service.

See Esendex in action

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