Mobile messaging for finance businesses

Create customer communications that increase engagement and get results.

Esendex helps finance businesses solve their customer communications challenges with turnkey mobile messaging solutions tailored to drive ROI.

Trusted by leading financial brands to solve their mobile messaging challenges:

Esendex helps finance businesses reduce debt collection and customer service costs by giving customers a quick, frictionless way to self-solve everything from loan payments to application submissions.

Collect debt ethically and efficiently

Create automated mobile messaging campaigns that offer support and guidance, remind customers of upcoming debits, and encourage proactive payments.

Drive continuous customer feedback

Gain a unique insight into your service offering and improve your user experience with campaigns designed to collect customer feedback on autopilot.

Reduce inbound call numbers

Save time and money on reactive support by allowing customers to self-serve through their preferred mobile messaging channel.

Build tailored journeys to overcome your customer communication challenges

We’re experts in our software so you don’t have to be. We know your industry, understand your problems, and are ISO27001 and FSQS accredited so we can work collaboratively with you to create tailored solutions that solve your biggest customer communications challenges.

Integrate mobile messaging strategies with your existing tech stack

Quickly and easily integrate Esendex with your key channels, without the need for IT intervention. Using our turnkey service, you can effortlessly connect to your tech stack, activate your mobile data and use it to fuel cross-channel marketing campaigns, communication strategies and more.

Reduce support overheads and improve customer satisfaction with mobile messaging automations

Save on support costs and reduce friction by empowering customers to self-solve their issues. From proactive debt payments to overdraft reminders and much more, Esendex helps your customers to do more without the need for human interaction.

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Engage customers on their preferred channels

Access the full power of omnichannel messaging and rapidly increase your engagement. Esendex helps finance businesses engage in meaningful dialogue with their customers, by giving customers the flexibility to choose how, when and where they interact with brands.

Scale and develop your messaging strategy with ongoing, on-demand support

Our team is dedicated to building messaging solutions that create long-term value for your business. With enterprise-level support included with all packages, we’re here to help you scale your messaging from notification to communication to action.

Customer story

Increasing incoming payments with an automated collections service

Discover how Esendex helped CASH4UNOW reduce collections costs and increase incoming payments with intelligent mobile messaging automations.

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