Busting the top 5 SMS myths

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Busting SMS mythsSMS is undoubtedly up there as one of the most effective communication channels.There are however some common misconceptions about SMS knocking around, so we thought we would give you the truth about the trusty text message:
Myth #1 SMS is impersonal
We’re now in an age where we simply can’t live without our mobile phones. 91% of us keep our phones within reach at all times (Morgan Stanley) – it doesn’t get much more personal than that. You can even personalise each SMS you send with first names etc. to give it that extra personal touch.
Myth #2 SMS is on its way out
There is now more choice when it comes to keeping in touch with people – with texting, instant messaging apps and social media just to name a few! But this doesn’t mean that SMS is less powerful, in fact, 89% of execs say their company has or will implement SMS messaging over the next year.
Myth #3 people don’t like it
According to Ofcom, SMS is the most popular form of communication in the UK – if you think your customers don’t want you to text them you should really think again! On top of this, Hipcricket revealed that 57% of consumers would be interested in opting into a brands SMS loyalty program – and 90% of users that participated felt they gained value from it.
Myth #4 it’s not effective
The average SMS open rate is 98% (Frost & Sullivan) so you know your message will be read – not only this but it’s effective too! Cellit suggest that text message engagement rates are 6-8 times higher than email.
Myth #5 it’s just for young people
Although it is true that teens text a lot, all age groups are embracing their mobile for sending and receiving text messages. A study by Nielsen revealed 18-24 year olds exchange 1,914 text messages per month, whilst 55-64 year olds exchanged 167 text messages. These figures suggest a decrease in texting with age, but show that people of all ages are using SMS.
Now we have busted some SMS myths if you’re interested in giving it a go why not sign up for a free 7-day trial!

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