Introducing location buttons for Messaging Studio

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Our new location buttons make it really easy to help your customers find your business. Send an SMS Landing Page or RCS message, with a simple to use link to Google Maps which clearly marks the location of your premises.

Esendex are excited to announce the release of another great feature for our Messaging Studio platform  (our online platform where you can create and send rich content along with a text message to your customers) – location buttons.

What are location buttons?

By clicking on a location button in your message, your recipients will be automatically directed to Google Maps, where your defined location will be highlighted and tagged on the map itself.
Your recipient can then use all of the functionality that comes with Google Maps to navigate to that location, and check traffic, quickly and easily.

How do location buttons work?

It’s really easy to start using location buttons. After choosing to ‘Create New Template’ from within the Messaging Studio template library, the user will be presented with a menu where one of the 3 options can be selected. Choose the ‘Graphics, text and buttons’ option.
The template editor is then opened where a location button can be added to your message by selecting the ‘Location’ button from the right-hand side menu. By clicking on the button in the preview (left-hand side of the screen) the user can then set some display text for the button.
The user will then be asked to specify their location by providing a longitude and latitude value. Detailed instructions on how to find these values can be found in Messaging Studio. 
The user also has two options to choose from when entering their location. These options being a fixed location (where every message recipient will be shown the same location) or a variable location, where a unique location can be specified for each recipient via a linked spreadsheet. An API integration can also be employed for variable locations, where the longitude and latitude for a customer’s locations are stored within an existing system. When an SMS landing page is sent to a customer via the Esendex Rich Messaging API the branch location is passed into the location button as a variable.
The button can then have text sizes and colours edited in the usual way before the campaign is sent.

Who can use location buttons?

Location buttons can be used by just about any business who wants to let their audience know where they would like them to be. Here are just a few examples:
Let your customers know the location of their nearest store at the same time as letting them know about the start of your big sale.
Healthcare Providers
Provide the time and date of your appointment as well as a linked location, which will all help to reduce the risk of a patient no-show.
Travel Providers
Send your passengers important travel updates, including the location of their pick-up and drop-off points.
Real Estate Agencies
After booking a property viewing, send your potential buyer/renter a rich reminder which also includes a link to the property’s location.
After making a reservation or food order, send them the location to your restaurant so they can find you and your delicious food more easily.

When are location buttons available?

Location buttons are available to all Messaging Studio users today. To find out more about the feature and register for a free trial, please get in touch with a member of the Esendex team today via [email protected] or 0345 356 5758

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