WhatsApp Business Platform: The quick-start guide

Our guide covers the basics of WhatsApp Business Platform, from key features to best practices, so you can quickly and easily get started.
Image of WhatsApp Business Platform guide with title - Getting started with WhatsApp Business Platform

About the Guide

When you use WhatsApp Business Platform to connect with your customers, you can have rich, personalised, two-way conversations. And thanks to familiar features, like buttons, quick/suggested replies, imagery and videos, your conversations with customers can feel both engaging and natural.

Learn how to have rich, two-way conversations with your customers

Mobile messaging is an excellent way to get your business directly in front of your customers. Not only does 91% of the world’s population own a mobile phone, but channels like WhatsApp Business Platform boast an open rate of up to 99%. 

In our guide, you’ll learn more about WhatsApp Business Platform and:

  • Key features
  • The supported media and file types
  • The most popular ways to use it
  • Best practices to get more out of the platform
  • How to create a high-quality opt-in experience 
  • Quality rating and tier rates

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“At Esendex, we offer our customers the opportunity to host an omnichannel communication strategy which includes channels such as the WhatsApp Business Platform, SMS, RCS and many more.”

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