Adding secure, mobile messaging to engagement strategies for communication partner DCK

About DCK

For more than 39 years, DCK have built a reputation as a trusted data-driven communications partner to government and the private sector. Their technical expertise and creativity coupled with their high level data security and compliance systems ensure the most innovative and secure communication solutions.

The challenge

DCK work with a variety of different clients from the Government, Financial Services and Utility sectors, and as a result understood the challenges that come with connecting with extremely large audiences, who can all prefer to be contacted in different ways.

While researching new channels, DCK knew that to ensure campaign success and maximise engagement with every customer demographic, mobile focused communications and traditionally used touchpoints like post would need to be adopted where appropriate.

What were DCK looking for?

The key requirements that DCK had from the new communication channel were:

  • A cost-effective channel which represented value to DCK’s customers
  • Channel should handle data securely, and in a way that complies with ISO 27001
  • Easy to use solution, with a short learning curve
  • Should allow for two-way conversations with customers
  • Digital channel, which targeted audiences’ mobile phones
  • Campaign success tracking
  • Can be used in conjunction with other communication channels.

The solution

After discussing their requirements with Esendex, DCK quickly realised that SMS would be the ideal mobile-focused communication channel to compliment their existing strategies.

One of DCK’s main criteria for selecting an SMS provider was that their customers’ data was handled in a secure way. Esendex achieved this by being able to offer SMS sent through direct network connections to mobile network operators, which offered the level of security needed.

Esendex themselves are also an ISO 27001 accredited organisation which gave DCK the peace of mind that they were dealing with a provider who takes data security extremely seriously.

With an extremely high 95% open rate (source), SMS also addressed the key requirement of being able to connect with a wide variety of customer demographics in a cost-effective way.

“We chose Esendex as our SMS provider because they were responsive, professional and compliant which was essential for us.”


More from DCK

“As well providing the engaging SMS platforms that we were looking for, Esendex have made integrating SMS into our communication strategies simple and straightforward.

This has meant we’re now able to get our customers up and running with SMS with minimal fuss, and in a short time frame.”

Kevin Murphy, Operations Director, DCK

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