Improving efficiency

Epilepsy Society work tirelessly providing life-changing epilepsy services, be that cutting edge research, awareness campaigns or providing constant care for vulnerable adults– talk about dedication! With this in mind, Epilepsy Society needed an easy way to quickly cover any shifts using its wealth of care workers.

Esendex’s instant and simple web SMS solution was the clear winner, helping them communicate super quickly with carers on casual contracts. Before Esendex, staff had to manually call huge groups of carers with the hope of trying to fill shifts, which as you can imagine is very time-consuming! 

Here’s how it worked…

With our help Epilepsy Society can now advertise available shifts to all their carers instantly and at a fraction of the cost. They can also easily target their messages to groups of individuals according to their skills and location, making each message more efficient – which can only mean good things!

Using our web SMS service has dramatically improved their communication amongst carers, reducing their reliance on agency staff; they have also shown significant cost savings by reducing the number of telephone calls made in order to fill shifts.  

“We have been really impressed with how easy the web SMS service has been to use, its cost and Esendex’s customer service.”


Looking forward

Epilepsy Society liked us so much that they are currently looking at the potential of increasing its usage of the Esendex services, such as sending text messages to local staff that may need to be on site or on standby in the event of adverse weather conditions.

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