Building better routes to receiving customer feedback for Plane Saver Credit Union

Who are Plane Saver?

Plane Saver are a not-for-profit financial co-operative owned by and run for their members. Founded in 1993, they provide a range of flexible savings and affordable loans. Their mission is to improve the financial well-being of the people they serve.

The challenge faced by Plane Saver

Plane Saver required an engaging customer communication journey, which would allow the team to collect real time feedback from their customers.

Plane Saver used to rely on an annual survey sent to all members, which provided them with the feedback they needed to make positive changes to services. However, collecting feedback in this manner meant that issues were sometimes highlighted long after they were encountered.

The aim of putting a new system in place was to collect feedback while it was still fresh in the member’s memory, and subsequently make any required changes to their service in a more timely manner.

What were Plane Saver looking for?

  • A communication channel which delivers a high engagement rate by targeting members’ mobile devices, which would in turn increase the amount of feedback collected.
  • A self-serve journey for their members, which required no interaction with a member of the Plane Saver support team.
  • A system which gave them instant feedback.
  • Clear and concise feedback, which presented them with data in a format specific to them.
  • A partnership with a trusted business communications provider.

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What are the benefits to Plane Saver?

  • Implementing the Esendex SMS Surveys solution measures live customer satisfaction levels, and helps identify areas to be improved upon.
  • Plane Saver’s customers can provide their feedback at a time and place which suits them, by using their mobile devices.
  • By utilising a self-serve solution, which allows customers to provide feedback at a time and place which suits them, Plane Saver have freed up their support team’s time to focus on other tasks.
  • Plane Saver no longer have to send out an annual satisfaction survey, which was labour-intensive and expensive to send and manage.
  • The ability to receive positive feedback in real time helps to improve Plane Saver’s staff morale, and encourages them to continue delivering great customer service.

How was this achieved?

Esendex recommended their SMS Survey solution, as an easy to implement, cost effective, and engaging way to collect customer feedback directly from customer’s mobile phones.

The way it works is simple. Esendex took their SMS Survey API, and integrated it into Plane Saver’s existing banking platform. This meant that after any customer interaction, they could send out a customer feedback survey.

The survey itself consisted of a personalised introduction message, which thanked the customer for their recent interaction, and informed them that they would be sent a short survey. They were then asked to rate the quality of their experience, whether they would recommend Plane Saver to friends and family and also for any additional comments.

Responses to the surveys could be viewed within the live Esendex SMS Survey analytical dashboard, with reports easily available to download from the same location.

“We’re thrilled with the uplift in customer feedback we’ve received, and the live analytic feedback we have access to makes it really easy to tackle any challenges we encounter.”


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“The excellent customer service we’ve received from Esendex, combined with regular communications to establish our past, present and future needs has been great. This relationship helps us feel confident that we could get in touch if we ever needed further assistance.

The most attractive solution about Esendex was their willingness to take on board our needs and to make it relevant to us. Couple this with the fact that they were willing to work together with our Banking platform to find the solution which worked best for us.

We’re thrilled with the uplift in customer feedback we’ve received, and the live analytic feedback we have access to makes it really easy to tackle any challenges we encounter.”

Claudia Ashcroft – Customer Service & Membership Manager – Plane Save Credit Union.

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