SposiClub elevates customer experience with WhatsApp Business Platform

Contacting customers where they’re happy to connect delivers significantly improved redemption rates.


Open rate of over 90% compared to approximately 20% for email.

Immediacy of interaction improves engagement and redemption/ROI rates.

The availability of chat history ensures conversations are completed seamlessly and at speed.


To deliver faster and more engaging dual strategy (B2B and B2C) advertising and marketing campaigns.


WhatsApp Business Platform through the Esendex platform


Turin, Italy




SposiClub, an Emmebie srl brand, has operated since 1995 as an advertising and marketing specialist  wedding event sector. The company offers tailored commercial services, including over eighty wedding events throughout Italy to date, for businesses to meet prospective spouses. The company also has a web app offering various customer loyalty incentives through points and prize draws.

“We create direct marketing opportunities for ourselves and our business partners to contact future spouses both before and after their weddings. To do that we need effective communication tools, both for business-to-business and business-to-consumer.
“We’ve added WhatsApp to these channels as we needed a genuinely interactive, two-way communication tool and the results to date, speak for themselves.”

Enrico Collino | CEO of Emmebie srl.

Challenge & Key Obstacles

Dual business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) strategy

Emmebie’s commercial activity depends on putting future spouses in direct contact with operators (clothing, restaurants, catering, venue hire, wedding rings, photographers etc.). The company already used a multi-channel strategy that included advertising (via outdoor and social media) and direct marketing with email and SMS.  The solution also addressed the need to conduct both B2B and B2C business.

They identified the value of the WhatsApp Business Platform and Esendex as a BSP for Meta in 2023 as the solution targets customers where they already choose to spend time and where they’re used to receiving two-way messaging.

With Esendex’s platform, making the most of WhatsApp’s potential is quick and easy for us. WhatsApp Business Platform is the most efficient and direct way to communicate with operators and users, and our redemption results confirm that

Enrico Collino | CEO of Emmebie srl.

The features that changed the game
High open/engagement rates of over 90% compared to 20% for email
Send at scale and at speed
Immediacy of interactions and the richer nature of the content
Meta’s pre-approved templates allow for businesses to communicate with customers, for customers to interact, and for SposiClub members to collect points and avail of promotions.
The Esendex platform allows for quick and intuitive access to customisable Meta templates (both utility and marketing) and various support materials

Results & Improvements

  • Significant uptick in open and response rates to communications. SposiClub messages sent via WhatsApp have an open rate of over 90% (compared to 20% for emails).

  • Improved customer experience, through richer (not just text) and immediate conversations with a fast feedback loop as a given.

  • A comprehensive chat history supports more seamless customer service and speedier response times.

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