Omnichannel Chat

Communicate with customers no matter where they are.

Our online SMS platform is trusted by industry leaders globally.

Build an affordable chat solution quickly and easily

Omnichannel chat allows customer service and marketing teams to enjoy multiple, simultaneous, two-way, mobile-focused conversations with customers through a variety of digital communication channels.

As well as SMS, SMS Landing Pages, RCS and even WhatsApp help provide richer, more engaging, higher-converting conversations.

Bots can even be deployed to help automate some of your team’s previously manual customer-interaction processes.

Omnichannel capability

Guarantee a consistent brand experience for customers as they move across channels. Deploy SMS, SMS Landing Pages, RCS or WhatsApp from a single platform.

Bot integration

Use bots to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes. Free up your  team’s time to focus on more complex tasks that add real value to your business.

Personalised messages

Create personalised messages to improve engagement and conversion. Build a library of message templates to use and re-use for improved conversational consistency.

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Use cases for Omnichannel Chat

Revolutionise your customer service

People dislike long and laborious customer service calls; fact. 

Mobile-focused chats resolve this issue by providing faster access to agents and answers! In fact, 66% of consumers now prefer to text or WhatsApp a business, because it’s convenient, discreet, and they can start and stop a conversation whenever they please. When chatbots are used to support out-of-hours queries, customers receive round the clock support that’s seamless, efficient and fast.

Level-up your mobile-focused marketing

Simple text-based SMS makes managing appointments and deliveries a breeze. 

But when it comes to mobile  marketing, more is definitely best. 

Striking images and videos, interactive buttons and design-led messages drive higher conversion. Our platform’s rich messaging builder, lets you design fully branded messaging with images, video, discount codes, interactive buttons linking to web locations, Google Maps, in-device calendars and more.

Reduce costs with appointment and delivery notifications

Any type of notification including appointment reminders, digital receipts and delivery notifications stand a much greater chance of being delivered and read, when targeting mobile devices. There are significant cost saving benefits to be had too. 

Sending a digital appointment management message, reduces the risk of a missed appointment and automates rescheduling when required.

For delivery notifications, the chances of someone being home to accept the delivery are improved, and bots can even be deployed to pick another date/time if necessary.

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Send and receive SMS online or integrate into your existing website, app or software using our API.

Our SMS is fast, reliable and cost-effective so you can be up and running in minutes.

Efficient and simple to set up and use – choose from both one and two-way conversational messaging for bulk SMS of a hundred – or many thousands of messages.

Rich Messaging

Rich Messaging

 Create and send fully branded communication with rich multimedia, interactivity – think hi-res photos, videos, audio messages and more from your existing phone number.

Thanks to chatbot automation and two-way intelligent RCS (including WhatsApp) you benefit from app-like
functionality straight to SMS inboxes, without the need for additional software.



A poorly-designed IVR is hugely frustrating for customers. Work with our experts to customise your IVR and outbound voice services journey to improve CX.

Direct conversations, support positive and prompt navigation and encourage self-serve wherever it makes sense.

Mobile Journey

Mobile Journeys

Build mobile-first, secure experiences for payments, promotions, surveys, appointment scheduling and data collection.

Personalised, automated and fully branded – increase conversions and put power firmly in the hands of your customers or staff.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team can help you to ‘set and forget’ SMS automations. More importantly, they can help you to optimise them strategically and continually, for even greater business returns.

With in-depth knowledge across our full range of solutions, including mobile journeys, mobile collections and payments, mobile letters and forms and managed services, the team supports our customers with everything from simple one-way messaging to more complex workflows and solutions.

WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp Business Platform

Use the world’s most popular messaging app to connect with customers.

Support real-time, interactive customer care conversations, marketing, and transactional messages including alerts, updates, notifications and reminders.

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See Esendex in action

Discover the full power of our mobile messaging platform.
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