SMS Chat

Improve your customer engagement with live two-way SMS Chat. Our secure online portal makes it easy to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

• More cost-effective than phone calls

• Avoid putting your customers on hold

• Send links or further information in real-time

• Empower customers to find their own solutions to FAQ’s

SMS Chat

How could your business use SMS Chat?

Complaints handling

Streamline your customer experience with real-time two-way conversations via SMS Chat. 

When things go wrong, it’s essential your customers feel valued and understood. Keep customers engaged with human interaction from the first point of contact: No lengthy call queues, time spent on hold, or confusing phone menus.

Our secure SMS Chat platform records all conversations, so you have complete visibility of customer data, allowing you to continually improve your customer service offering.

Payment collections

SMS provides a far more effective way to connect with customers who need to make payments. Phone calls take time and cost substantially more than an SMS, and there’s no guarantee agents will get through.

With SMS, customers can respond at a time to suit them. Validate customer ID, agree on payment plans or take payment through PCI compliant platforms – all on one easy-to-use channel.

Claims management

Claims can be stressful for customers. Businesses must take a customer-centric approach to claims management to ensure customers feel valued and understood. 

Keep your claimants up-to-date with timely progress updates delivered via SMS. If customers have any questions or concerns, they can start a two-way conversation via SMS Chat to get the answers they need without hmaking a call.

All conversations can be saved and delivered as a report.

Delivery updates

Send an order confirmation straight to a customer’s mobile handset. You can also keep them up to date with the order’s progress, and if they need to make any changes to the order, such as a delivery address or time of the delivery, they can reply to the SMS message to start a two-way chat.

Customer responses are directed to the customer service team with a copy of the original message to respond quickly and accurately.

Appointment bookings

Streamline your appointment booking process with a central place to schedule, confirm or reschedule appointments. There’s no need for customers to switch between web pages, booking forms, or make phone calls.

SMS Chat makes it easy for agents to manage multiple bookings simultaneously, rather than dealing with a queue of customers on the phone. 

Anything from an engineer’s visit to a doctor’s appointment can be handled quickly and easily using SMS Chat.

How will you benefit from SMS Chat?


Make better use of resource

Agents aren’t tied into phone calls. They can answer multiple queries simultaneously and switch between tasks easily


No IVR systems to navigate

Customers won’t get lost in lengthy or confusing IVR systems, which makes it easier to get the information they need quickly

customer experience

A better customer experience

If agents can’t respond immediately, customers don’t need to wait on hold or stay on the phone while an agent looks for information


Responsive and consistent

Agents can effortlessly copy and paste information to respond to frequently asked questions



Business SMS messaging is much cheaper than traditional phone calls and generally takes much less time

record conversations

Full audit trail

All interactions are stored and can be viewed anytime for auditing, training or quality purposes


“Smartwheel is a telematics insurance provider looking for an easy way to prompt policyholders to top up their policy by adding additional mileage.

By engaging through SMS Chat, 25% of the recipients responded, and 29% of those went on to make payment, which far exceeded the results from previous email campaigns.”

Key Features

Transform your business communications with these invaluable 

Automate responses

Let customers know when you’re out of hours with automatic response

Conversation Continuity

Conversation continuity

Customers can resume conversation with a specific agent rather than the next available one.


Access control

Define roles and set levels of system access by user


Message notification

Never miss a message with income message alerts even when your not using the system

Response time

Define response times

Automatically re-assign conversations after a set period to ensure quick response

close conversation

Conversation closures

After a set period of inactivity, conversations will be automatically closed.

Save time

Reduce queue time

automatically assign conversations to available agents for rapid response