Send business text messages from your PC

Communicate effectively with your customers, staff and suppliers from any device connected to the internet.

Why is business text messaging right for your business?

Sending text messages from a PC, laptop, or tablet has never been easier. Around 65% of the world’s population send and receive SMS messages, and by 2025 it’s expected that almost 73% of internet users will access the web via mobile only. So you can cut through the noise of saturated digital channels and access your customers anywhere at any time with business text messaging.

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SMS is a direct and immediate channel. Recipients read and respond to SMS in as little as 90 seconds.

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Increase customer engagement. SMS campaigns boast a 95% open rate.

sms message

It’s cost-effective. Send Bulk SMS from just 2.5p per send and an average conversion rate of 29% (compared to just 3% of email and Google Ads)

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No software or apps required. Send from any device connected to the internet.

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Send Business SMS online
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Our browser-based platform allows you to send SMS campaigns from any device in minutes without downloading software.

Reach customers on the go

Send and receive SMS messages between employees, customers and prospects from your computer.

What are the benefits of business text messages from your PC?

Not only is SMS one of the easiest channels to integrate, but it’s also cost-effective and has a higher engagement rate than any other communication channel. 

Our platform is built with you in mind. Send reminders, notifications, and promotions to customers, employees, and connections from a robust and reliable business text messaging platform.

Managed services

Segment your contacts

Send bulk SMS to groups or individuals from your computer

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Increase engagement with dynamic fields such as name, date and time

two way chat

Two-way communication

Use VMNs or Short Codes to start real conversations

Real time reporting

Real-time reporting

Optimise your messages and respond quickly to feedback with a centralise view of data

custom brand

Custom sender ID

Boost awareness and protect your brand

SMS marketing from as little as 2.5p per message

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