Mobile Letters

Reduce your postage costs/environmental impact and maximise engagement by sending letters and documents directly and automatically to your customer’s mobile devices.

What are Mobile Letters from Esendex?

While postal customer communications have been a trusted way of having interactions with customers for a long time, they are expensive, slow, and untraceable.

Mobile Letters solve these problems, by providing a digital solution that sends letters to mobile devices. The way they work is simple. The customer is sent an SMS with an embedded URL link advising them that they have a document waiting for them. The link takes the customer to a web page where they are asked to verify their ID. After doing so, they can securely download the document directly to their device.

The process is automated, traceable, branded, secure, and ensures that any business using Mobile Letters will see significant cost savings, faster delivery/engagement, and also a reduced environmental impact.

What are the benefits of Mobile Letters?

Can reduce

Cost to send a campaign through Mobile Letters when compared to letters can be as little as 7.75%

Only pay
for opened letters

Unlike post (where every letter has to be paid for) a Mobile Letter is only paid for once it’s been opened


Validate recipient’s identity by providing security information as part of the letter delivery process

more letters

SMS has a 95% open rate compared with 75% for post meaning a much better chance of being read


Reports allow you to see when SMS links have been delivered and when the digital letter itself has been opened

environmental impact

No paper required meaning that while potentially saving costs, you are also reducing your carbon footprint

Who can use Mobile Letters?

Here are just some of the industries that can benefit from more intelligent ways to send important documentation to customers in a secure way.

Utility Providers

There is an ever-growing customer appetite to deal with utility providers who have a strong environmental conscience. Customers are even proven to be willing to pay a 13% more to deal with a greener provider. (Source)

Mobile Letters are a great addition to this by providing a paperless way to communicate, without the risk of getting lost in email inboxes.

Example applications include the supply of:

  • Contract documentation
  • Bills
  • Service interruption notifications
  • Pricing change notifications

Local government

Nowhere are cost savings being sought out more feverishly than in local government. Funding from central government has fallen by nearly 50% since 2010 (Source) and this means that councils have to make savings wherever possible.

Mobile Letters can play a big part in this by providing massive savings when compared to traditional postal communications.

Example applications include the supply of:

  • Council tax statements/reminders
  • Voting information
  • Parking charge notices
  • Local events notifications


The insurance sector has traditionally been one which relies heavily on paper communications. While websites and modern mobile communication tools have made it easier to source policies and automate renewals, it is often still the case that critical documentation will be delivered via postal means.

Mobile Letters negates this problem by delivering documentation almost instantaneously, and directly to where the customer is most likely to see it. The benefit of this being that the insurer can save on communication costs, and as they are using a digital delivery method – it can be tracked to make sure that the customer has received and downloaded the documents.

Example applications include the supply of:

  • Policy contract documentation
  • Renewal documents
  • Issue of claim forms
  • Change of policy notifications

Debt Collection

Debt collectors face a big challenge to provide great ROI, given the cost of using traditional communication methods – especially if repeat communications need to be sent to the same debtee.

Mobile Letters offer a fantastic opportunity to debt collectors who send reminders and notifications, by first of all capitalising on SMS’s high response rate of 10% compared with postal communications rate of 2.5% (Source)

In addition to this, big cost savings can be achieved by switching from a traditional collection strategy to a digital one.

Example applications include the supply of:

  • Overdue payment reminders
  • Confirmation letters for arrangements and promises to pay
  • Income and expenditure confirmations


According to the NHS, 6.9 million outpatient hospital appointments are missed every year. This represents one in ten of all appointments made. (Source)

An absence of a reminder, a loss of the paper confirmation or even forgetfulness can all be blamed for missing appointments and they can be frustrating for all parties concerned.

This is where Mobile Letters come into play as a channel which capitalises on SMS’ high engagement rate of 95% (Source). This reduces the risk of a no-show, while simultaneously reducing the cost to communicate with patients.

Example applications include the supply of:

  • Appointment confirmations
  • Appointment updates
  • Supply of test results

What are the features of Mobile Letters?

Here are just some of the features that will help your business send out letters more efficiently and with higher engagement:


Triggers can be set up which will automatically prompt your Mobile Letters to be sent

Personalised for you
and each customer

Fully branded to mirror your corporate identity, and tailored content for each recipient

message templates

Set up multiple types of letters for different communications


Add an extra layer of security to your Mobile Letters by asking customer a qualifying security question


https protocols to ensure a secure connection between the end-user throughout the document download process

communication traceability

Audit trail providing delivered and downloaded status for every document sent

Delivered via most
digital channels

Send links to Mobile Letters via SMS, Email and more

Potential for
additional actions

Enhance the customer experience by adding options for making a payment, confirming an appointment etc.

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