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The pandemic pushed digital transformation from a ‘some day’ to a ‘today’ concern for many, but these innovations don’t need to stop when life returns to normal. Businesses need to capture that sense of urgency and apply it to their strategy to be continuously adaptable.

We’re here to help. Our expert team have worked with businesses with very different levels of readiness, and delivered successful solutions faster, more easily and cost-effectively than you might think possible.

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Communications Strategy

Since 2001, Esendex has helped businesses communicate brilliantly with their clients and staff, and we’ve learned a great deal about what makes for an effective communications strategy.

We’ll work with you to define your goals and create a plan that reflects your needs, your customers’ preferences, and that leverages the most effective channels, from SMS to voice, email to RCS.


Legacy Software Support

One challenge blocking many digital transformation projects is the need for the new initiatives to work with old systems: older operating systems, hardware, and networks. Many software solutions can’t be integrated with these, preventing adoption.

This is an area in which Esendex excels. We don’t require you to rebuild your existing setup in order to derive value from an improved communication strategy; we can integrate with pretty much any system.



Ideal for businesses looking to automate the bulk sending of templated message(s) to customers, from a fixed file.

Working with our expert Managed Services team, businesses can create bespoke communication workflows and auto-replies, using both simple and complex, rule-based triggers.


Custom Software Solutions

Esendex has many solutions that work out of the box, but we’ve continued to invest in our professional services team, too. By working with our PS team, you can get 100% of the solution you need, without compromise.

Whether you’re using SMS with intelligent workflows that adapt to customer behaviour, or you want to activate a multichannel solution with chatbots and agents working together to delight customers, we can help.


Rapid Delivery

For Esendex, customisation is not the preserve of a few large enterprises; we work with businesses of all sizes from highly complex problem solving to a simple but effective automation. Best of all, we work quickly.

The pandemic has proven that businesses need to be agile and adaptive, and Esendex is your partner in this. We will get you the solution you need, faster, more effectively, and more affordably, than you probably think is possible.

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Why choose Esendex

Join the trusted European leader in business communications.
Added convenience

Allow customers to use mobile-first channels which accommodate switching from email to SMS (for example) during your interactions.

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Rapid ROI

By utilising a digital approach when compared to traditional communication methods, cost savings can quickly be achieved.

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Track your success

Easily find out where your communications can be improved, with detailed campaign reporting delivered via your preferred format.

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Higher read rates

We record which communication channels customers respond to, and can make it the primary channel, ensuring more messages are read.

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Action-triggered messages

Your communications can be triggered by customer actions, e.g. a new customer; no purchases in >2 months; late making a payment.

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Increased message context

By clearly identifying yourself and showing knowledge of circumstances, you build trust and increase the likelihood of a response.

Customer stories


Debt collection within the utility sector

We worked with leading utility provider npower to provide a communication strategy which was intelligent, mobile-first, and facilitated self-serve. We focused on adding convenience to the customer, and also simultaneously reducing their cost to serve.

Our solution employed SMS, Email, Outbound Voice and a bespoke Mobile Journey. We integrated a bespoke decision engine which determined the best communication channel based on contact details, amount owed, and reason for leaving. If the first communication receives no response, then the engine selects an alternative channel and re-attempts contact.

The new intelligent multichannel strategy was a big success. Compared with only 4% of customers making a payment using their previous workflow, npower now enjoy a boosted rate of 19%, with 82% of customers paying the full amount.

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Overdue council tax collection

Esendex has worked with a range of councils to develop more innovative and engaging approaches to council tax collection.

With data supplied by the council, Esendex sends an initial SMS to the overdue account holder notifying them how much they owe. Within that same SMS is a link to an automated phoneline and a Mobile Journey – payment can be taken from either.

To make a payment, residents will need their account number. If they don’t have it to hand, by texting back with their postcode, Esendex will then text or email them their account number so that they can proceed to the payment stage.

The cost to recover the outstanding debt is significantly reduced, and the added convenience of being able to make a payment on their mobile device increases the likelihood of a payment being made.

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