Smart SMS integrations

SMS messaging is the easiest communication channel to integrate with your existing website, systems or applications using our basic API. 

SMS Integrations

Personalised and timely communication is critical to excellent customer service, retention and engagement. Smart SMS integrations facilitate automated business messaging to deliver relevant and helpful information without manual input from agents. Our software intelligently monitors your existing business systems to deliver precisely the information your customers need when they expect it.


Esendex SMS & Zapier possibilities

If you’re looking for a more intelligent way to streamline your business processes and communications, the answer is automation. Our Zapier integration now connects more than 1,000 of the most common, existing business applications to automate your SMS sends at the push of a button, saving you time and money. See some of our existing templates offering integrations with Magento, Hubspot, SQL, Salesforce and more.

SMS Software plugins and guides

Drive revenue, manage alerts and communicate accurately with intelligent SMS integration.
Zendesk SMS Integration

Support customers better with quick answers and easy updates via SMS messaging.

Goldmine SMS Integration

Use SMS to build stronger relationships with new and existing contacts from your Goldmine interface.

Outlook SMS Integration

Send SMS messages the same way you send emails, straight from your inbox.