66% of Brits fear living without their mobile

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The number of Brits suffering from nomophobia, the fear of being without their phone, is  increasing across the UK.
A new study commissioned by SecurEnvoy surveyed 1,000 people in employment about their relationship and dependence on their mobile phone devices. Interestingly, it found that a majority of Brits are terrified at the idea of living without their mobile phone.
Research concludes that nomophobia is affecting up to 66% of people these days and pointed out that younger mobile users are the more likely to develop nomophobia.
Divided by age, the research shows that 77% of younger adults aged 18 to 24 are more nomophobic, while 68% of Brits aged 25 to 34 years-old admitted so.

Further figures from the survey found that over four out of ten Brits (41%) have two phones or more in an effort to stay connected. Surprisingly, women worry more than men about living without their mobile phones – with 70% of the women concerned about that compared to 61% of men. However, figures highlight that males are more likely than females to own two phones – with men accounting for 47% and women 36% in this category.
Mobile phones – A rising dependence
Another study into this matter conducted in 2008 concluded that 53% of people suffered from the condition. Andy Kemshall, SecurEnvoy co-founder and chief technology officer, said that considering the current levels in the UK “there is no sign of abating.”
Kemshall added that another study into mobile phone use found that people check their phones an average of 34 times a day.
In the expert’s opinion, what this study highlights is the extent that people now rely on their mobile phones. Indeed, everyday more people use their mobile phones for both personal and professional purposes. If you’re looking to communicate with your customers and staff
Indeed, everyday more and more people are using their mobile phones for both personal and for business communication; this explains the growth of business SMS services.
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