A vintage partnership: Esendex & Hack24

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This year, Hack24 will celebrate its 4th birthday and Esendex will be joining them, as Gold sponsors, in their celebrations,  for the event for the 4th year running.

Four years may not seem like a long period of time, but it’s a space in which a lot can change, particularly when it comes to technology.  This year, Hack24 will celebrate its 4th birthday and Esendex will be joining them, as Gold sponsors, in their celebrations,  of the event for the 4th year running.
While still in its early years Hack24 has helped those taking part understand the cultural and social impact that technology can have globally, which is what makes such events so critical in getting an early insight into those technological shifts.
Rewind to 2014
To put this into perspective, back in 2014 entrants were integrating with our SMS API to send notifications as part of the Esendex challenge while 2017’s entrants used communication with “Generation Z” as a base for building an integration with Amazon’s Alexa to automate party scheduling for students.
The contrast between the three year period maps the important journey people have taken from one way notifications to two way automated conversations and intelligent communications, a journey the product roadmap of Esendex has also taken.
The experimentation and application of the Esendex products within competitions and events such as Hack24 help give us early insight into how users outside of the company may apply and consume our APIs and solutions as part of the intelligent world of communications among businesses and consumers – which makes it very important to us.
Watch this space
While we’re still working on the finer details of our 2018 challenge, a hint at the possibilities our messaging platforms and Rich Communications Services (RCS) may have to offer this year, as an alternative to SMS, mean we’re expecting to see some exciting solutions and entries from participants!
With a four year history of sponsoring Hack24 we hope to promote not only the capabilities of our platforms and products but also the opportunities we offer to the developer community as a tech employer of choice adopting the agile methodology while nurturing and supporting the creative and problem-solving aptitude of our workforce.
Our support of  the mission statement of Tech Nottingham: “Making Nottingham a better place to live and work in technology”  represents something we feel strongly about as an employer who aims to be fully inclusive and represent the diversity of the population that we live and work with.
As an event which brings together the brightest and most talented technologists, we encourage developers to get together for the upcoming Hack24 in March to help us and Tech Nottingham put creative minds together to create collective solutions the tech community can be proud of.
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