Can hairdressers and beauty salons use mobile messaging to reduce no-shows?

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In the face of the challenges presented by the coronavirus crisis, hair and beauty salons have to find new ways to make sure they are as productive as possible by reducing no-shows. Here’s how mobile focused appointment reminders can help do exactly that.

Hairdressers and beauty salons face a difficult problem thanks to the coronavirus. Previously, drop-in customers could be attended to if an appointment failed to show. The pandemic resulted in most customers being on an appointment-only basis. This means a costly period of inactivity for the business if a customer forgets to turn up.

What’s the best way to avoid this from happening? A simple message to the customer’s mobile phone has worked as an effective way of reminding customers about their appointments in other industries – but can this work for hairdressers and beauty salons?

Are hair and beauty customers ready to engage via their mobile phones?

  • An incredible 95% of appointment reminder messages sent by hair and beauty businesses are opened by customers
  • 90% of hair and beauty appointment reminders will be opened within 3 minutes of them being sent
  • 35% of salon customers need to be able to schedule appointments during non-business hours
  • 85% of hair and beauty customers prefer to receive appointment reminders through mobile messaging channels as opposed to emails and calls

Introducing the next evolution of appointment management with rich mobile messaging

Sending a plain SMS message does a great job of reminding customers about their appointments, but things don’t have to stop there. Rich appointment reminders add additional functionality like the ability to change your appointment date/time, add your appointment to your in-device calendar, chat with staff, or even use a map to find the location of your appointment. It can be delivered via the customer’s preferred channel including WhatsApp, RCS, Mobile Journeys, or SMS Landing Pages.

It’s all designed to take the stress away from your in-house team and get them doing more of what they do best – making their customers feel great.

What results could hair and beauty salons see by using mobile messaging?

  • Sending mobile-focused appointment reminders has been seen to reduce the amount of customer no-shows by as much as 50%
  • A men’s barbers who on average experienced 3 no shows per day, and a £15 cut price, could expect to profit from an additional £5,660* per year by reducing their no-shows by 50%
  • A ladies’ hairdressers who on average experienced 3 no shows per day, and a £25 cut price, could expect to gain £9,560* per year by reducing their no-shows by 50%
  • A beauty therapist who experienced 3 missed appointments per day, and a £17 treatment price (Manicure) could expect to pocket an additional £6,440 per year by reducing their no-shows by 50%

*Total cost of missed appointments minus the cost of 5,000 mobile messages

Start making more bookings today

Esendex have worked with a wide range of hair and beauty salons to reduce no-shows and increase bookings. If you’d like to find out how rich, appointment reminders could help you, please contact our industry experts today on 0345 356 5758 or email us at [email protected].

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