Chat bot: The newbie in your customer service team

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For many businesses the majority of customer service calls and emails are monopolised by common, straightforward requests. However, this is set to change with the introduction of RCS and chatbot integration.

For many businesses the majority of customer service calls and emails are monopolised by common, straightforward requests. In fact, according to Smart Customer Service, almost two-thirds of customer service calls are for simple requests. This can mean that larger, more complex customer problems are neglected, in turn, leading to an increased customer churn rate.
As customer engagement becomes ever more key in a brand’s communication strategy, so too does the need to respond quickly and accurately, to all customer queries. Improving customer service performance can be costly and larger customer care teams can be hard to manage, not to mention costly.

This is where the introduction of an intelligent chat bot can help

Chat bots have yet to make the leap from early adopters to the mainstream. However, we believe that will change in 2018, with the advent of RCS technology.
Already launched in the US as the default messaging app on all Android devices, RCS is coming to Western Europe, delivering a long-overdue upgrade to the SMS experience.
RCS will encourage a direct dialogue between customer and brand. It will enable a customer to complete actions such as rescheduling an appointment, asking specific product or service questions or researching travel times and prices.
Quick and accurate responses are key to the success of this type of customer communication. Integrating a chat bot can help to lessen the pressure on customer care teams and leave them free to deal with more complex customer requests.
For companies to be successful, they need to ensure that they are providing customers with requested information in a timely, professional and engaging manner. By introducing an intelligent chat bot into your customer care department, you can ensure that the increased workload doesn’t negatively affect the performance of your team, while also improving your level of customer satisfaction.
This would also offer you the opportunity to upskill your existing customer services team to deal with more complex problems. This has several benefits, such as:

  • Simple and complex customer queries answered promptly, leading to increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced customer churn rate
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Happier customer care team who are improving their skill-set and constantly being challenged with more complex problems
  • Competitive advantage compared to other companies that are unable to deal with this level of customer interaction
  • 24/7 customer help
  • Proactive customer interaction
  • Direct feedback on your product/service/brand from your customers, allowing you to make quick and effective changes based on real-time feedback

The Esendex team specialise in the smooth implementation of new communication channels, so if you’d like to learn more about how RCS and chat bot integration can help your business, simply complete our contact form or call: 0345 356 5758

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