How to get attention from customers using SMS marketing

Topic: Black Friday

From summer sales to bank holiday deals, Prime Day to Black Friday, there’s no single time of the year that you can truly call ‘peak season’. When it’s busy all year round, how can you ensure retail readiness?

Here are some tips to help you can get ahead and stand out from the hundreds of other businesses vying for consumers’ attention.

Connect with customers early on

Get started early by reaching out a few weeks before your busy sales period begins, whether that’s to let them know there are great deals on the way or to share an exclusive promotional code. 

By giving your customers a few hints about what they can expect, you will pique their interest and make sure they’re excited about your deals. This means they’re more likely to look out for you when the time comes. 

Use channels your customers already know and love

In the run up to peak sales periods, consumers are often bombarded with emails and ads about Black Friday deals. Most of these will get ignored or unopened, leaving the deals inside – and the revenue they could bring in – untouched.

The power of SMS

SMS, as a channel, provides the ideal solution. With a 98% open rate, SMS messages are rarely ignored, meaning you can reach your customers effectively, quickly and directly. Boost your efforts when you combine this channel with another, such as email or social media. This helps you take the multichannel approach, ensuring that your messages are always seen and heard.

SMS has proven time and time again to be both time and cost-effective, bringing your deals and offers straight to where you want them – in front of your customers’ eyes. 

Whether you send out a campaign individually or in bulk to thousands of people at once, SMS is perfect for both last-minute or time-sensitive marketing campaigns and can be a real profit-earner for events such as Black Friday

You can also take advantage of Esendex features such as campaign personalisation, emojis and URL tracking to maximise the effectiveness of your SMS messages. 

However you choose to create your Black Friday marketing campaign, using SMS messaging to deliver it is a terrific way to make sure you get ahead of the competition and get seen by the right people at the right time. 

Want to learn more about the power of SMS and how it can transform your customer communication strategy? Check out our all-in-one resource which covers the pros, cons, tips, tricks and more.

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