Here’s how IT Solution Providers can offer their users a smarter way to collect customer data

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Collecting data from customers is a vital part in making sure that any business provides the best services and facilities they can. Here is how integrating SMS Survey functionality into your IT Solution can help in collecting more data from customers in the most engaging way possible.

Along with transactional and broadcast sends, a variety of other SMS tools are available to IT Solution Providers which can be integrated into their products. One of the most effective of these is SMS Surveys.

What are SMS Surveys, and why are they so useful to IT Solution Providers?

SMS Surveys are a fantastic way for IT Solution Providers to allow their users to find out more about their customers. What are their likes and dislikes? What do they want to see more of in the future? What do they think of the products/services they’ve bought? Did they have a positive experience? These types of questions and more can be answered by delivering a survey through SMS which can be completed at a time and place which suits the customer using their mobile phone.
SMS Surveys support straightforward yes/no questions, and 1-10 satisfaction rating scales, and grouping the answers to these questions can give insight into the general sentiments of customers. Additionally, allowing customers to provide more information about a particular response gives businesses the opportunity to correct a negative impression on an individual level. Both tactics help businesses make better decisions and ultimately have happier customers.
As well as those business benefits, there are others to consider too! When compared to more traditional routes to collecting data from customers like making an outbound call or even sending a letter, SMS Surveys represent significant cost savings. Businesses can also expect a much higher engagement rate, with a response rate of 47%, when compared to 3% (via traditional channels like mail and outbound calls) experienced by some customers (source).

SMS Surveys are also easy to set up. By using a simple to use online environment, users can quickly design a series of questions to ask their customers – each of which are delivered via SMS. They can also be easily integrated into existing systems, and/or used in tandem with other communication channels.

Applications of SMS Surveys

Satisfaction surveys
Using SMS, you’ll be able to quiz your customers in a way that increases the chances of them responding (according to Ipsos MORI, 93.5% said they would respond to an SMS Survey request), and then take an in-depth look at their answers and opinions in an easy to use dashboard environment. You can then make the changes needed to your business, which will help provide better products and services, and reduce customer churn.
Market research
By sending a series of engaging SMS messages you’ll be able to gain the insight you need from your audience to grow your business. Find out what potential new customers’ needs and motivations are, identify new markets to explore, and measure brand awareness. SMS Surveys provide all this by targeting your audience’s mobile phones, ensuring a high response rate.
Data cleansing
In the wake of GDPR, it’s important to regularly update your customer data to ensure that the details are accurate and their communication preferences are up to date. SMS Surveys present an easy and cost-effective way to do this, particularly when compared with traditionally used channels like post and manual calls. These questions can all be answered at a time, date and location which suits the customer, with their answers being fed back via a automated report or directly into your CRM system.
Staff surveys
Need to find out how happy your staff are working for you – or would you like to know how they feel about a change to your business? A text message survey is a great way to collect employee feedback. With clever timing, and by targeting their mobile devices, you can ensure you’re not interrupting their workflow or inconveniencing them, which is the usual pitfall of email-based internal surveys. You’ll then be able to analyse the results and make the changes required to make sure your staff are happy.
Event planning
SMS Surveys provide an innovative way for businesses to organise events, where each attendee’s unique requirements need to be catered for. By sending a series of simple SMS messages you’ll be able to confirm attendance and contact details, take menu choices, and arrange any special access requirements your attendees might have. You’ll also be able to store all of your attendees’ replies to help you organise your event more effectively.

Like to know more?

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