How to use Messaging Studio’s PDF function for internal crisis communication

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Today businesses face threats from a number of different places, whether it be a cyber attack, natural disaster or office closure. Consequently, it’s important that businesses are able to quickly share key information to all employees. 

Timely and diligent internal communications during a time of crisis is essential to support both short and long term crisis management plans. This helps to ensure that employees have the most up-to-date information, avoid any risks and provides them with additional support. 

Our Messaging Studio function is praised for its ability to support internal communication in a crisis. It provides users with the ability to include detailed information in just one message by attaching a PDF into the main body of the text message. This ensures that detailed information can be easily and readily accessible for all recipients. 

Benefits of using PDF attachments for internal crisis comms

Ability to send single or multi-page documentation

During a time of crisis, the content of your required message might be too cumbersome to be sent via a simple SMS. Therefore, adding a PDF to a text message is a great way to share bulk information with employees. This means that businesses are still able to benefit from the fantastic 95% open rate of their message while also including valuable detailed information. Examples include; new government policies, FAQs, work schedule changes or restrictions and How to guides for navigating any major changes such as new health & safety regulations. 

Communication en-masse

After adding a PDF to a template users can then send critical internal communication to up to 50,000 recipients per send, enabling you to contact your workforce at speed. For example, an immediate office closure alert sent via text with a PDF attachment advising recipients how to work from home.

Static information

Sending a PDF is a great way of sending static internal communications to employees ensuring that a consistent message has been received and understood by your entire workforce. An example would be updating your team on any new government guidance or business continuity plans.

How to use the PDF Function in Messaging Studio 

A PDF can be attached to a text message in just a few simple clicks. Once sent it is displayed to recipients as a link alongside introductory text. In one click recipients are able to view the information they have received via their native PDF viewer.

If you are looking to improve or enhance your business critical communications over the coming months using a pdf attachment, we may be able to help. Simply contact our team on 0345 356 5758 or at [email protected] for more information.

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