Introducing Esendex Integration guides

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Follow our step-by-step software integration guides to make it simple to send SMS from your business application without the need for development support. Send SMS and manage your contacts and emails in one place.

Integrate your software with esendex to send SMS
Do you use business software or applications to support your processes and are looking for ways to automate the way specific actions are communicated? Our free integration guides, the latest addition to our SMS product suite, offer seamless and simple methods of communication, whether aimed at customers, sales teams or stakeholders all through automated SMS.
Designed to guide you through the steps to trigger alerts, notifications and updates for SMS, in whatever industry sector you work in, from support and sales through to marketing and finance. You can now integrate Esendex Echo and Esendex Echo for Email with the software your business uses without the need for development support.
Everything in one place
If you have your contacts in one program and your messaging system in another how do you ensure that contacts aren’t missed where instant communication is needed? Whether you are using a contact management system or CRM platform, our integration guides make it simple for you to find everything in one place without the need for negotiation between various applications.
Update stakeholders instantly
Where you want to update stakeholders or give your sales teams full visibility on the latest sales figures or trigger alerts when actions such as purchases or refunds are made, our integration guides contain practical steps which make it simple for you to trigger SMS alerts out of your CRM system or application while they’re on the go. Set your own rules specific to your business requirements.
No need for development support
We have seven guides available which guide you step by step through each action to successfully trigger SMS from ecommerce software, Shopify, support platform Zendesk right through to application connection software, Zapier, which open up opportunities for more than 500 application integrations. This means you can send automated SMS through Esendex’s high quality API without the need for development support (in-house or outsourced). This saves on lengthy waiting times and costs to staffing.
Of course this doesn’t compromise our support as our friendly team are always on hand to guide you through your SMS journey.
Learn more about our new integrations, take a free trial or call our team on 0345 356 5758.

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