Marketing Calendar 2024: Prepare your annual communication strategy

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We share the key dates that you must take into account when programming your marketing campaigns in 2023.

And just like that, we’re approaching 2024! Marketing and communication departments are joining in with the hustle and bustle to populate their annual marketing calendar, and we have just the thing to make your life easier.

Taking inspiration from a huge number of serious, quirky, and noteworthy celebrations from around the world, the Esendex marketing calendar has everything that you need to strengthen the foundations of your customer relationships this year.

In the following post we’ll delve into some of the key dates that could make all the difference for your campaign success this year, as well as our top tips for getting the most out of the marketing calendar.

Making the most of your Marketing calendar

When carrying out email marketing, campaigns on social networks, SMS, webinars or any other type of seasonal content, it is essential that you have a marketing calendar on hand to help you plan your actions throughout the year. Be more present with customers by sharing in the fun with a themed National Pet Day campaign, or offer support and education on important topics such as male mental health and breast cancer awareness. Being consistent with your SMS campaigns could go a long way toward constructing more meaningful customer relationships, no one wants to seem like they’re only getting in touch to ask for something.

Also keep in mind that having the foresight to plan this far ahead will put you in a great position when it comes to achieving the best impact from your seasonal campaigns and last-minute sales plans. Armed with the insight from how customers respond to your regular campaigns, you can be more selective about the most effective day and time to reach your target audience or sector.

7 Tips for Creating Your marketing calendar

  • Review your calendar from the previous year
  • Define your goals
  • Focus on your audience
  • Analyse and choose the dates that interest you
  • Study your needs to find the resources you will need and the channels you will use
  • Consider your budget
  • And don’t forget to measure your results

7 Advantages of having your own marketing calendar

You can:

  • Optimise actions with respect to your strategy from the previous year
  • Be clear about your steps to follow
  • Focus your efforts on what is important
  • Communicate without having to improvise. You will always have something to post.
  • Organise different themes taking into account seasonality
  • Get ahead of the competition
  • Save time and money

Download the 2024 Marketing Calendar and find all the key dates that you need to feel inspired, and take strides toward more meaningful customer relationships through your communications strategy this year.

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