Memorable Passwords – Was it an “o” or a “0”?

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The average person in the UK has between 10 and 118 online accounts but uses only 6 passwords. Making passwords memorable is key to unique and secure accounts.

Identifying ourselves as the account holder, customer, user or client of a particular service, is much faster with a password, especially when online. A correctly entered password can see you accessing your emails, contacting family and friends on the other side of the world and monitoring or transferring your hard-earned money in seconds. An incorrect password entry can see you denied access.
The doors that are opened by your memorable password are endless. Much faster and more efficient than making a phone call or carrying or photocopying ID, passwords are best kept private, ensuring that the system that the data is being entered into can come to the conclusion that the person logging in is you.
The average person in the UK has anywhere between 10 and 118 active accounts requiring passwords, according to Dashlane. If you want to keep each account secure, you will need a distinct, strong password for all of them.
So how can we create memorable passwords to access our accounts and ensure that we’re not inviting any unwanted visitors?
Memorable Sentences
A popular method is to think of a saying or sentence that means something to you and preferably, only you. It should be a reasonable length (absolute minimum 8 characters, we would recommend starting with 12), but not so long you forget it.
Tip: Try adding a misspelt word into your sentence to add an extra layer of entropy.
Random Words
You can also use the xkcd method and go with four (or more) random, common words which are made even more memorable by the mental imagery they conjure up.
Tip: Something like the cartoon below…
xkcd password strength

Don’t Overcomplicate Things
Yes, 2#^G;*x”F(`0C^s-+Npr0 would make a secure password and you could have any password generator spit out something like this, but what are the chances you will remember a password that looks like this, let alone twenty?
Password Generators
Trying to come up with a random phrase or string of words seems easier than it is, luckily there are a variety of password generators that can be found to help do that part for us. Whether you’re looking for a random word generator or a clever pattern to assist with remembering a password, it can be found online.
Whatever method you choose, please check the strength of the password methodology before applying across your accounts.

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