Summer promotional SMS campaign ideas

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The summer sales can be a fantastic boost for your bottom line, if done right. And the key to doing it right? A red hot SMS marketing campaign. If you’re in the retail industry, read on for some scorching SMS campaign ideas to get your sales off to a sunny start. 

SMS marketing campaign ideas for summer

#1 Newsletter

Maximise the potential of the summer season by sending out an SMS newsletter which lets your audience know what’s coming up. It could be that your sale is starting soon and you’re sending out the dates, or you may have a new product that you want to introduce with a link and an introductory discount code. Or you may be offering a freebie on sales over a certain amount. Whatever you’re offering, shout it from the rooftops with an SMS newsletter and let your audience see what they could get by shopping with you, and why it’s worth their while. You can even offer special discounts in exchange for a sign-up or registration as an extra cherry on the top.

#2 Push the holiday theme

Summer is when a lot of people pack their bags and head off on holiday. Cater to this by styling your SMS campaign around the theme of summer holidays. Think about what you sell that people will need on holiday and send out SMS messages related to that. How about: ‘Don’t forget the sunscreen when hitting the beach this summer! Check out our range of sunscreens here [insert link] Get 20% off when you buy two or more!’  Think about what your audience might need and then think about how you can meet that need. Then, tell them about it in your SMS campaign!

#3 Give loyal customers a treat

Everyone likes to feel special. And we like it even more if it’s accompanied by a special discount or freebie. Use SMS to offer your repeat customer something special – a discount, a sneak peek at your new product range, or a free item with their next purchase. Making loyal customers feel special in this way will strengthen your relationship with them, boost their trust in you, and make them more likely to buy from you again. And they’ll probably tell their friends about you. Win win! 

#4 Focus on special occasions

There always seems to be an ‘international day of something’ or a ‘national something day’ these days. Do a little research and see if any of these niche holidays are relevant to your product or offering. For example, if ‘International Thank Your Teacher Day’ is approaching, why not send out SMS referring to it and showcasing your product as a great way to show appreciation to your teacher this year. Think creatively and don’t be afraid to add a little fun into your campaign. Audiences are more likely to engage with a message if it’s fun and lighthearted rather than serious and austere. 

Why use SMS messaging for your business

Bulk SMS messaging is a cost-effective, secure and efficient way to reach your customers. Just some of the benefits it offers are: 

  • 90% open rate
  • You can manage multiple enquiries in one go
  • Send your SMS messages from any device, as long as it has an internet connection

Esendex has helped hundreds of businesses maximise engagement and profit by using SMS messaging. For more information about how we can help you, or to request a free trial, contact us today. 

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