Why SMS is such an effective delivery channel for surveys

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While many organisations are busy preparing for the re-opening and easing of restrictions, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges of the last 12 months. Many companies have had to remain agile and almost overnight implement changes to business operations, to ensure that they can continue to trade while adhering to government guidelines. 

As 89% of businesses compete mainly on customer experience, ensuring your business has a gauge of how these may have impacted customer satisfaction, is vital. Consequently, ahead of implementing back-to-business plans, evaluating these newly introduced services and processes, and more generally collating customer feedback to inform plans, could prove really valuable. 

We understand the challenge for many businesses is around how to collate enough customer data and feedback, in a way which is both quick and cost-effective. This is where harnessing the power of SMS could be particularly useful. 

Utilising SMS Surveys and Mobile Journeys, we have helped our clients:

  • Increase feedback engagement by 44%
  • Increase survey responses by 15%
  • Collect 3 times more customer data 

What are the benefits of using SMS surveys?

SMS is convenient for recipients

Not only do 95% of adults in the UK own a mobile phone, but on average, individuals pick up their mobile 58 times a day. So by utilising SMS Surveys, businesses benefit both from sending the survey direct to a device the vast majority of individuals own and regularly use, while also giving recipients the opportunity to respond to the survey in their own time.

SMS benefits from increased conversion rates

SMS Surveys enjoy high conversion rates with 31% of consumers responding to surveys within just 5 minutes – which is even more impressive considering the average for email is just 3%. So companies conducting an SMS survey, benefit from greater response levels and subsequently more data to inform business decisions.

SMS boasts unrivalled reach and speed

As SMS boasts a 95% open rate and the average user response time to an SMS is just 90 seconds, businesses choosing SMS as their channel for survey delivery can be confident that not only will their questions be delivered to the majority of recipients, but responses are also likely to be received in a very timely manner.  

Also, we understand that while SMS surveys are a great and simple way to collate feedback, there may be some businesses after a solution which is a little more sophisticated. For these situations, Esendex’s Mobile Journey product is a great alternative. 

What are the benefits of using a Mobile Journey?

Esendex’s Mobile Journeys still benefit from all the added convenience and speed of utilising SMS for survey delivery, while also providing customers with a completely customisable, fully branded solution to collecting data and feedback.

By removing the distractions of traditional websites, Mobile Journeys benefit from higher conversion rates, can be triggered by multiple channels, including SMS and email, and enable clients to ask their audience any type of question. Clients can use buttons, sliders and free type fields, to ensure data is collected in a convenient, non-intrusive and engaging way. What’s more, clients can also include document and photo uploads, to deliver recipients a richer experience.

Furthermore, all details of completed surveys can then be viewed in the form of a live intelligent report. Ensuring your business is in the best possible position to make informed, data led decisions, to help drive continual improvement.

Finally, we understand that many businesses may not have the time or resources to implement customer and staff feedback into their recovery strategy, despite seeing the value it could bring. However, we do have experienced team members who are able to do this on your behalf. To find out more, simply contact us at [email protected] or call 0808 506 9707.

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