Black Friday shoppers are armed with mobiles and Wi-Fi

Topic: Retail

Consumers who are eager to get the best deal no longer need to queue outside in the cold or risk facing a serious injury… they just need to be equipped with their smartphone.
A lot can change in a year. In 2014 we saw raucous shoppers fight for the best deals in store and staff become overwhelmed by the large influx of bargain hunters, whereas 2015 had stores over prepare for what looked no different than a regular day.
It is predicted that in 2016, the majority of online purchases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be made via mobile (source: Salmon). With 40% of all online purchases being made through mobile in 2015 and with UK shoppers embracing mobile technology, there’s little doubt that these records will be beaten once again this year.
As a retailer, knowing that over 50% of online traffic is generated from mobile devices is a blessing when trying to identify the most successful way to reach your audience. Our infographic explains how Black Friday is evolving, and what you can do to attract shoppers to your store:
Black Friday infographic

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