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Work with Esendex to test-drive the next generation of business communication channels. As a member of the Esendex beta programme, you’ll get hands-on experience with the latest ways to connect with your audience and let us know what you think.

At Esendex, we’re massive advocates of agile software development, which means we can release great products more frequently and often. We also work closely with our customers to make sure we’re developing the products and features they’ve asked for, and then checking with them at regular intervals that what we build, is what they need.

So what is Beta testing?

The purpose of Beta testing is to put products in the early stages of development, in front of users and receive feedback on the product, its features, and to gain an understanding of how customers will interact with it.
The product can then be validated against users’ requirements, and any adjustments required can be made quickly to meet the user feedback and requirements.
At Esendex, we’re especially keen to work with early adoption Beta testers who will work with us during a product’s infancy – do not expect a finished product, which will help them straight away in their day to day – and are willing to help us grow a great final product.

How does Esendex use Beta testing to build great products?

One of the most effective ways Esendex has used Beta testing is to hold regular focus groups with early adopters, to let get hands-on experience with the product and provide feedback.
Once we’ve received feedback, the information is used to define what we’re building next, adapt an approach to certain elements within the product, or to confirm that the approach we’re taking is correct.
Working this way has been extremely beneficial to both us and our customers. For example, there might be an instance where we thought we’d really nailed a particular feature. But having spoken to our users through the Beta testing programme – we found out that they found the feature confusing. This meant we could go back, make the changes required, and create a better product for our customers.
It’s a really great loop to follow, because we are continuously improving our products with our users’ help!

What to expect as an early adopter of a Beta product?

As we mentioned earlier, Beta products, are not “finished” products. They can be anything from the very early stages of a bare-bones application to the more finished and almost ready to release application. Whatever stage the Beta product is, it’s important to remember that beta testers might experience bugs, issues, or features and functionality that isn’t in the right state. The purpose of beta testing is so that we can find these elements.
While beta testers will experience regular changes to the products, this is all to be expected in a beta product,   It means that while the backbone of the product will remain the same, the team is constantly improving the product -by making changes to things like feature location and look/feel. based on user feedback, and building a product that is ready to be used by any user upon its release.

Jump in and test out!

Working with companies like Esendex during beta testing means that you’ll have a voice in creating an awesome final product, but it also means that you’ll get access to new technology, cool new features, and be market leading before many of your competitors. It’s an interesting way to grow with a company and to be at the forefront of changing landscapes in a company’s lifecycle.

Interested to find out more about our Beta testing programme?

We’re currently running beta testing programmes with early adopters to help us make our products the best they can be. If you’d like to be one of our early adopters, contact us today on 0345 356 5758 or email us at [email protected].

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