Introducing the new Esendex Admin Web App

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We’ve made some big improvements to the way Esendex account administrators can manage multiple accounts. Find out how our new and enhanced tools will help to provide better levels of administrative control, and a better user experience.

If you’re an Esendex user who manages multiple accounts, then we have some great news – we’re making some exciting improvements to the ways administrators control their users’ accounts. By providing new and enhanced functionalities, we’re providing greater levels of administrative control, and a better user experience.

So what are the new features of the administration web app?

  • Administrators are now able to create new broadcast messaging accounts on their own, without the need to contact Esendex. This feature will be available through our API as well as through the new administration environment.
  • Message credits which have been allocated to one account can now be quickly and easily transferred to other accounts, maximising your messaging resources. This is available through the API as well as the administration environment.
  • Administrators will now be able to define a low message threshold, which when reached, will trigger a notification of the low balance and link to purchase additional credits. The recipient of the notification can also be defined by the administrator.
  • Post-pay customers can now define message limits for an account. This means that administrators can now define how many messages can be sent through an account in any given month.
  • An all-new user interface, which is designed to quickly and easily allow administrators to manage their users’ messaging parameters.

David Attenborough (Head of Product at Esendex) had this to say on the new administration web app;
“We’re excited to be releasing the new administration environment, and deliver even more functionality that our customers have been asking us to develop. The new UI is a real step forward for us too – and represents the future of functionality-rich, simple to use Esendex products.”

Who is it for, and when is it available?

The administration web app can be accessed from the Echo home page by users with customer admin permissions enabled (please contact Esendex support for more information on this), from the 15th March 2018*. The enhanced functionalities are available through our API today, with further details available on our developer site.
To learn more about the new Administration Web App please get in contact with our team today on 0345 356 5758 or email us at [email protected].
*15th March 2018 UK, IE and AU. FR, DACH, ES versions to follow.

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