Tip of the week: Plan a successful SMS Campaign

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Esendex tip of the weekIf you’re looking to send SMS marketing campaigns, plan your campaign carefully to ensure you don’t end up sending ‘spam’ text messages.
Consumers are quite clued up about how they like to receive SMS; they like to have connection with a brand before they start receiving sales messages.
Sending SMS for customer service is an excellent starting point for engaging and building the relationship. This then builds a platform for sending marketing messages to your customer in the future.
A perfect example is a consumer who is ordering a pizza for delivery from a restaurant. The restaurant will text to let them know when their pizza is on its way. The restaurant may even send a satisfaction survey the following day. The consumer is happy to receive these useful notifications and a relationship is formed. When the consumer is then sent an SMS promotion for discount on their next pizza, they are more likely to respond and be happy to continue receiving promotions.
As with many direct marketing techniques, if you are considering SMS marketing as part of your overall communications plan, ensure you only send SMS messages to people who have opted in to receive messages from you and check your SMS marketing complies with privacy and data protection rules. Unsolicited SMS is illegal, intrusive and can harm your brand reputation.

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