Is poor communication affecting your productivity?

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Did you ever think that poor communication could be affecting your productivity? Addressing poor staff management is essential and internal comms is one of the most effective ways that managers can increase employee engagement.

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It’s been widely reported that the UK is one of the most unproductive countries in Europe (BBC), and experts point the finger at three main causes: limited investment in technology, an uneducated workforce, and poor staff management.
Addressing poor staff management, one of the most effective ways that managers can increase employee engagement is through clear and effective internal communications (Rapidbi).
There are a ton of statistics to back this statement up. 91% of companies with internal communication problems tend to find motivation at low level (MaxComm). Less motivated employees are usually less engaged, and studies show that companies with less engaged employees are 43% less productive than businesses with them (BrandonGaille).
Employees who feel more connected with the company they work for are 20-25% more productive (Enplug), and companies described as highly effective communicators achieved a 47% higher return compared to those considered the least effective communicators (Watson).
Despite this, 50% of employees feel their companies are not investing heavily enough in the right communication channels with them (TheSocialWorkplace).
What’s being used now?
Most businesses rely on email as a channel to transfer information, but what happens when  the information being communicated is mission critical or requires an instant response? Relying on email alone could leave many requests with a late response or left completely unanswered due to the low open and response rates email suffers from, and in urgent circumstances that can cause big problems.
How could you communicate better?
Nearly 70% of employees think their organisation should use text messaging to communicate with them, while 86% state it shouldn’t just be reserved for customer communications (Vitiello). Personalisation of messages to staff also plays a huge role in increasing their engagement, a great way to maintain motivation).
As a quick and easy way to contact staff, SMS benefits from open rates of 98% and an average response time of 90 seconds (Digital Marketing). SMS messages are as easy to tailor to an individual as they are to send to the whole workforce, perfect for critical communications.
Give your employees a voice with SMS Surveys, enabling your business to gain feedback and valuable insights to help motivation. Employees are twice as likely to be disengaged if they feel they’re being ignored (Hubspot), so SMS Surveys is a great way to show your staff how much you value their opinions.
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